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And the word went forth to every outpost of human existence and they came: the Aries, the Gemons, the Virgos, the Scorpios, the Pisceans and the Sagittarians. In all, 220 ships, representing every colony, color and creed in the star system. The human race might have one more chance. But first it would have to survive the alliance, the elements, and the unknown dark and sinister threats that would lie ahead.

COMMANDER ADAMA, "Saga of a Star World" (1978)

All right girls, just like we did it in the simulators. Remember, these controls are as sensitve as a schoolgirl'

LT. STARBUCK, "Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 1" (1978)

There are probably as many voids in the universe as there are ideas.

COLONEL TIGH, "Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2" (1978)

I just want you to know torture won't do you any good. I had a course in resisting. Hey, hey, hey, careful...I bruise easy!

LT. STARBUCK, "Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2" (1978)

You have the tongue of an angel and the soul of a serpent.

COMMANDER ADAMA, "Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2" (1978)

You are human...more human than I had anticipated. I shall have to review my notes to see where I went wrong.

DR. RAVISHOL, "Gun on Ice Planet Zero: Part 2" (1978)

That's the fabric of miracles - the impossible.

COMMANDER ADAMA, "The Living Legend: Part 1" (1978)

Everyone's entitled to a little confusion in their lives. I practically thrive on it!

LT. STARBUCK, "The Living Legend: Part 2" (1978)

Why can't man get along with man?

HECTOR, "Greetings from Earth" (1979)

Whatever's logical and in the interest of all mankind, we'll do exactly the opposite.

LT. STARBUCK, "Greetings from Earth" (1979)

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