Dawson's Creek Quotes (1998-2003)
Dreams aren't perfect. They come true, not free.

JOEY POTTER, "...Must Come to an End" (2003)

All the mysteries of the universe, all the answers to life's questions can be found in a Spielberg film.

DAWSON LEERY, "Pilot" (1998)

One thing worse than the pain of loss is the aching void of inaction.

GWEN, "Stolen Kisses" (2000)

That first kiss, it's the passionate one. It's the one filled by desire and attraction, and all of that. But the second kiss is rational. You got time to worry, and over analyze; and most women...they prefer that first kiss, but I'm partial to the second one because it's about something more.

BESSIE POTTER, "The Kiss" (1998)

Did it ever occur to you that you're so caught up in trying to make the right choice that you've never stopped to consider the possibility that there may not be a right choice, or a wrong choice, just a bunch of choices?

JACK McPHEE, "A Winter's Tale" (2001)

A single moment of true joy is more powerful than a lifetime of sorrow.

EVELYN "GRAMS" RYAN, "The Tao of Dawson" (2001)

OK, it's official, you are the Queen of All Negativity. There will be a crowning ceremony later today.

AUDREY LIDDELL, "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" (2002)

You're a well put together, knockout of a woman who's feeling a little insecure about hitting forty. So when a young, virile boy, such as myself, flirts with you, you enjoy it. You entice it. You fantasize about what it would be like to be with that young boy on the verge of manhood. 'Cause it helps you stay feeling attractive. Makes the aging process a little more bearable. Well, let me tell you something...you blew it, lady. Because I'm the best sex you'll never have.

PACEY WITTER, "Pilot" (1998)

The kiss is just the end result, it's not what's important. It's all about desire and wanting.

JEN LINDLEY, "Dance" (1998)

Everybody thinks that movies are fantasy, but they don't have to be. From Here to Eternity. You can have that, you just have to create it. That moment on the beach could be yours. You could be Deborah Kerr.

DAWSON LEERY, "Kiss" (1998)

I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing.

PACEY WITTER, "Kiss" (1998)

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us. With it comes understanding.

EVELYN "GRAMS" RYAN, "Hurricane" (1998)

Love is a complicated bitch.

URSULA, "The Scare" (1998)

Everybody comes from a dysfunctional family. It's the 90's...the only happy families are in TV syndication.

PACEY WITTER, "The Election" (1998)

It was never about looking for something better, Dawson. It was about looking for someone who wasn't so close to me. Where I could tell where I ended and he began. I mean, our lives have always been so intertwined that in many ways I feel like you partially invented me, Dawson. And that scares me so much. I need to find out if I can be a whole person without you. I need to find out if I can be a whole person alone.

JOEY POTTER, "Be Careful What You Wish For" (1999)

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