Ego Quotes
In my case, self-absorption is completely justified. I have never discovered any other subject so worthy of my attention.

WALDO LYDECKER, Laura (1944)

Never underestimate the fragility of the male ego.

KATE BECKETT, Castle, "One Man's Treasure" (2009)

The sound of male ego: You travel half-way across the galaxy and it's still the same song.

EVE McHURON, Star Trek, "Mudd's Women" (1966)

If there's anything around here more important than my ego, I want it caught and shot now!

ZAPHOD, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

All life, every life...we are all born as molecules in the hearts of a billion stars. Molecules that do not understand politics or policies or differences. Over a billion years, we foolish molecules forget who we are and where we came from. In desperate acts of ego, we give ourselves names, fight over lines on maps, and pretend that our light is better than everyone else's.

DELENN, Babylon 5, "And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder" (1998)

This is another great difference between our civilization and yours. You admire the man who pushes his way to the top in any walk of life, while we admire the man who abandons his ego.

PEMA LHAKI, Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

We all come into this world with our little egos equipped with individual horns. If we don't blow them, who else will?

ADDISON DeWITT, All About Eve (1950)

It would take a mountain to crush an ego as big as yours.

JOBEL, Doctor Who, "Revelation of the Daleks: Part 1" (1985)

Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own sometimes mistaken for the other.

CHARLIE CHAN, Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)

The ego is continuously building up. It is not a finished product. Never. It builds up. You see, no year passes where you do not discover a new little aspect in which you are more ego than you thought.

CARL GUSTAV JUNG, Jung Speaks of Freud (1958)

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