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Man's loneliness is only his fear of life.

GRIM, Grim & Evil (2001)

Fear is the darkroom where the devil develops his negatives.

GARY BUSEY, I'm With Busey (2003)

You live in a dark place. The darkness is your fear.

MASTER ZI, Monk, "Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra" (2005)

Only fools have no fear.

LIEUTENANT WORF, Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Coming of Age" (1988)

To live in fear is no life at all!

PADMÉ AMADALA, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Bombad Jedi" (2008)

Fear can be a good thing. On a bad day it'll keep you alive.

JOHN CONNOR, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short" (2008)

You fear a thing enough, you're askin' fer it.

"GRANDMA" ESTHER WALTON, The Waltons, "The Separation" (1973)

Not having fear isn't brave, it's foolhardy. Any real hero knows fear...the difference is, a hero masters his fear.

WIZARD, The Wizard of Oz, "Fearless" (1990)

It's been said that fear of the unknown is an irrational response to the excesses of the imagination. But our fear of the everyday, of the lurking stranger and the sound of footfalls on the stairs, the fear of violent death and the primitive impulse to survive, are as frightening as any X-File, as real as the acceptance that it could happen to you.

FOX MULDER, The X-Files, "Irresistible" (1995)

Fear gets you killed. Anger keeps you alive.

CAPTAIN KARA "STARBUCK" THRACE, Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007)

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