Football Quotes
In Texas, football is a religion.

BEN SCHWARTZWALDER, The Express (2008)

I grew up in Texas. Football is ubiquitous in Texas: pro football, college football, high school football, pee-wee football. In fact, every form of football except the original, European football, which most Texans believe to be a Commie plot.

SHELDON COOPER, The Big Bang Theory, "The Cornhusker Vortex" (2009)

There's a moment of orderly silence before a football play begins. Players are in position, linemen are frozen, and anything is possible. Then, like a traffic accident, stuff begins to randomly collide, from the snap of the ball to the snap of the first bones.

LEIGH ANNE TOUHY, The Blind Side (2009)

You look like a bunch of fifth grade sissies after a cat fight! You got anger? That's good, you're gonna need it. You got aggression? That's even better, you're gonna need that, too. But any little two year old child can throw a fit. Football is about controlling that anger, harnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection.

COACH HERMAN BOONE, Remember the Titans (2000)

Football: the systematic violation of the Geneva Convention, made into a sport.

VERONICA MARS, Veronica Mars, "Wichita Linebacker" (2006)

Life's this game of inches. So is football. Because in either game, life or football, the margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early and you don't quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast, and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game, every minute, every second. On this team we fight for that inch. On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when we add up all those inches, that's gonna make the...difference between winning and losing, between living and dying! I'll tell you this, in any fight it's the guy who's willing to die who's gonna win that inch. And I know, if I'm gonna have any life anymore, it's because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch. Because that's what living is, the six inches in front of your face. Now I can't make you do it. You've got to look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes. Now I think you're going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. You're gonna see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team, because he knows when it comes down to it, you're gonna do the same for him. That's a team, gentlemen. And either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals. That's football guys. That's all it is.

TONY D'AMATO, Any Given Sunday (1999)

Twenty-two men in mock war regalia knocking each other down for possession of an air-filled bladder made of a pigskin. Well, some human institutions confuse me, but football is a total mystery!

K.I.T.T., Knight Rider, "Knights of the Fast Lane" (1984)

It's funny. Most people think my life has been all about football. I've even thought that myself. But football is just a game. What matters is what you play for. Sometimes when the game is close and everything is on the line, that's when you forget the crowd and the noise. That's when it's just you against somebody else to see who is the better man. That's what I like about the game. Because at that moment, you are friends and you are enemies and you are brothers.

ERNIE DAVIS, The Express (2008)

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