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If the test of a man is how he treats those he has power over, it was a test my father failed...maybe if he'd been a better father, I'd be a better son. But I am what I am because of him, for better or for worse.

DR. GREGORY HOUSE, "Birthmarks" (2008)

Our bodies break down, sometimes when we're ninety, sometimes before we're even born. But it always happens and there's never any dignity in it!

DR. GREGORY HOUSE, "Pilot" (2004)

Science is not about human relationships, it's about results.

DR. SCHMIDT, "Joy to the World" (2008)

You spend your whole life looking for answers because you think the next answer will change something, maybe make you a little less miserable. And you know that when you run out of questions, you don't just run out of answers, you run out of hope.

THIRTEEN, "You Don't Want to Know" (2007)

It's the problems that make us interesting.

DR. ROBERT CHASE, "Lucky Thirteen" (2008)

When I hired you, I knew you were insane. I will continue to try and stop you from doing insane things, but once they're done, trying to convince an insane person not to do insane things is, in itself, insane. So when I hired you, I also set aside fifty thousand a year for legal expenses. So far, you've come in under budget.

DR. LISA CUDDY, "D.N.R." (2004)

If you believe in eternity, then life is irrelevant. The same way a bug is irrelevant in comparison to the universe.

DR. GREGORY HOUSE, "One Day, One Room" (2007)

You are going to commit to that one special woman forever, which is beautiful. But if your commitment the day after the wedding is the same as your commitment the day before, then the wedding meant nothing. So, and I can see no logical way around this, if you want your marriage to matter, you have to be a wanton, trolling, muck-covered pig the day before.

DR. GREGORY HOUSE, "House Divided" (2009)

I'm a doctor...when we make mistakes, people die.

DR. LISA CUDDY, "Pilot" (2004)

It's the perfect marriage. There's nothing to fight about if you never talk about anything.

DR. ERIC FOREMAN, "Need to Know" (2006)

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