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Your biggest enemy is your own ignorance.

TOM PORTER, Land of the Lost (1991)

Superstition feeds on ignorance and rumor.

DR. KIHLGREN, Cimarron Strip, "The Beast that Walks Like a Man" (1967)

Where would we be without the agitators of the world attaching the electrodes of knowledge to the nipples of ignorance?

DICK SOLOMON, 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996)

I am so damned dumb it would take ten acts of divine providence to raise me to the sublime height of blissful ignorance!

JACE, Dark Angel (2000)

The forces of ignorance have pointy teeth and little hands that can throw stuff.

JACOB TWO-TWO, Jacob Two-Two, "Jacob Two-Two and the Bookworm Brouhaha" (2006)

Knowledge precedes victory, ignorance precedes defeat.

LEX LUTHOR, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, "Neverending Battle" (2003)

The admission of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom.

JASON MEREDITH, The Ballad of Josie (1967)

Stupid is as stupid does.

FORREST GUMP, Forrest Gump (1994)

Foolish rooster who stick head in lawnmower end in stew.

CHARLIE CHAN, Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)

The ignorant always loud in argument.

CHARLIE CHAN, Docks of New Orleans (1948)

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