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There's a fine line between courting and stalking. A Connecticut judge once spelled it out for me.

DENNIS FINCH, "King Lear Jet" (1997)

Curses! You've caught on to my evil plot to use my bosoms to take over this magazine and one day...the world!

MAYA GALLO, "Secretary's Day" (1997)

It's touching to see what Jack means to all of you, because you certainly don't mean jack to him.

DENNIS FINCH, "Sweet Charity" (1997)

So, you want to grace the pages of Blush? Well, I want my old ass back, but chances are that's not gonna happen. Still, the fact that you even made it this far is an accomplishment. You'd be amazed how many girls can't even find the building.

NINA VAN HORN, "Back Issues" (1997)

I know the recipe for romance: one cup of love, two cups of crap and sprinkle on the moxie.

DENNIS FINCH, "The Walk" (1998)

It's not about winning or losing, it's about destroying their self-esteem. It's fun!

NINA VAN HORN, "Softball" (1999)

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