Kindness Quotes

If there's no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world.

ANGEL, Angel, "Epiphany" (2001)

The most beautiful thing a human being can do is help another human being. Kindness doesn't cost a thing.

CLAUDIA OLIVARES, Gata salvaje (2002)

This is Harsh Realm. Kindness is when your buddy robs you and shoots you and DOESN'T rape your woman.

MIKE PINNOCHIO, Harsh Realm (1999)

I guess all we can do is live our lives with as much kindness and decency as possible, and try not to dwell on God standing over us with a giant shovel.

DEWEY, Malcolm in the Middle, "Day Care" (2003)

Killing you with kindness. It's proven to be a highly effective technique for achieving one's goals.

JUSTIN TAYLOR, Queer as Folk (2000)

I can't take so much kindness in one sitting. Need... hatred!

PLANKTON, SpongeBob Squarepants, "Texas/Walking Small" (2000)

There's no profit in kindness.

ODO, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Vortex" (1993)

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

BLANCHE DuBOIS, A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Sometimes kindness is wiser than truth.

IDA, Birds of America (2008)

Nobody's gun is ever on anybody's side out of plain kindness of heart. A man's nature is too pure cussed for that.

BIGGS, Bullet for a Badman (1964)

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