Nature Quotes - page 2

Everything in nature is beautiful...unless it's ugly.

GRANDPA, Hey Arnold! (1996)

Nature goes on without you. Human nature goes on within you.

PETER SCARBROW, Higher Ground (2000)

Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. We decieve or we are decieved, thus we flourish or perish.

FAYE VALENTINE, Kaubôi bibappu (Cowboy Bebop) (1998)

Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.

NARRATOR, Kingdom Hospital (2004)

Nature! I've got Nature on my hand! Get it off!

ADRIAN MONK, Monk, "Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever" (2005)

A man's scale is determined by his destiny, not by nature.

NAPOLÉON, Napoléon (2002)

Nature always proves to be a far more elusive and powerful killer than man.

DR. DONALD "DUCKY" MALLARD, NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, "Yankee White" (2003)

I hate nature! Look at those disgusting trees, stealing my oxygen. Oh, I can't stand this scenery another minute. All natural forests should be turned into housing developments! I want cement covering every blade of grass in this nation. Don't we taxpayers have a voice anymore?

PEGGY GRAVEL, Desperate Living (1977)

A scene that looks like a painting doesn't make a painting. If you look closely, all of nature has its beauty.

VINCENT VAN GOGH, Dreams (1990)

Nature is lethal, but it doesn't hold a candle to man.

RUSSELL FRANKLIN, Deep Blue Sea (1999)

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