Opinion Quotes
You are such a sheep! You've never had a single opinion that you didn't read in a book.

CORDELIA CHASE, Angel, "Untouched" (2000)

You're living proof that people under 5' 3" should not be allowed to express an opinion!

TIM COWLISHAW, Around the Horn (2002)

It's a question of intelligence, so your opinion has very little relevance.

KERR AVON, Blakes 7, "Weapon" (1979)

There's the mystery of medicine. Everyone comes to you for an opinion, but when you actually give them that opinion nobody really wants it, do they?

DR. MARTIN ELLINGHAM, Doc Martin, "The Portwenn Effect" (2004)

If, by some weird freak of nature, we should ever want your opinion, we'll take a crowbar and beat it out of you!

EDDIE "AUGER" AUGUTTER, InHumanoids (1986)

Good opinion once lost is lost forever.

AMANDA PRICE, Lost in Austen, "Episode 1.2" (2008)

The very rich can afford to give offense wherever they go. We need not care for his good opinion.

ELIZABETH BENNET, Pride and Prejudice (1995)

When I want your opinion, I'll stop ice skating in hell and ask for it!


You work for me...there shouldn't be an opinion in your head that I didn't put there!

LEX LUTHOR, Superman, "A Little Piece of Home" (1996)

Differences of opinion should be tolerated, but not when they're too different.

SHARON CRAIG, Bananas (1971)

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