Opportunity Quotes
Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.

BENJAMIN BUTTON, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

There are very few who've had the opportunity to experience the light of good and truth at first hand.

COMMANDER ADAMA, Battlestar Galactica, "War of the Gods: Part 2" (1979)

Sometimes it's better to miss an opportunity than to invite disaster.

STILGAR, Dune (2000)

Opportunity doesn't knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.

GARY HOBSON, Early Edition, "After Midnight" (1996)

I'm getting that tingling in the lobes. And when a lobe tingles, it means only one thing - opportunity!

NOG, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Progress" (1993)

Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.

ZEK, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The Nagus" (1993)

Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

NOG, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The Storyteller" (1993)

When time offers you an opportunity, you don't ignore it.

ANNORAX, Star Trek: Voyager, "Year of Hell: Part 2" (1997)

Every situation, no matter how awful, presents an opportunity.

DR. DYLAN WEST, Strong Medicine (2000)

Opportunity does not knock, then knock again, then leave a note saying "sorry I missed you".

FEZ, That 70's Show (1998)

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