Prayer Quotes
The only thing you can pray for in this job is the strength to get through the day. You can try coffee if you want, but prayer works better for me.

PRESIDENT JOSIAH "JED" BARTLET, The West Wing, "In God We Trust" (2005)

What makes a religion false? If any religion is right, then maybe they all have to be right. Maybe God doesn't care how you say your prayers, just as long as you say them.

COMMANDER JEFFREY SINCLAIR, Babylon 5, "Believers" (1994)

Prayer: the last refuge of the scoundrel.

LISA SIMPSON, The Simpsons, "Bart Gets an F" (1990)

"Thank the Lord"? That sounded like a prayer. A prayer in a public school. God has no place within these walls, just like facts don't have a place within an organized religion.

SUPERINTENDENT CHALMERS, The Simpsons, "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" (1994)

They say when you talk to God it's prayer, but when God talks to you it's schizophrenia.

FOX MULDER, The X-Files, "All Souls" (1998)

A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers.

MICKEY KNOX, Natural Born Killers (1994)

If things get too hot, just turn on the prayer conditioning.

PENELOPE, My Soul To Take (2010)

When one's imagination cannot provide an answer, one must seek out a greater imagination. There are times when even I find myself kneeling in prayer.

LEONARDO DA VINCI, Star Trek: Voyager, "Scorpion: Part 1" (1997)

Every night before you get into bed, where you used to say your prayers, I want you to say "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" fifty times. You'll get much further with the Lord if you learn not to offend His ears.


More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.

TRUMAN CAPOTE, Capote (2005)

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