Progress Quotes
As far as I'm concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza.

JOHN McCLANE, Die Hard 2 (1990)

Progress, for the sake of progress, must be discouraged.

DOLORES JANE UMBRIDGE, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

A great leap forward often requires first taking two steps back.

OBI WAN KENOBI, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, "Mystery of a Thousand Moons" (2009)

In this world, there's a kind of painful progress: longing for what we've left behind and dreaming ahead.

HARPER PITT, Angels in America (2003)

Education is progress.

ADAM CARTWRIGHT, Bonanza (1959)

Progress is not always for the best.

EVA LUCKES, Casualty 1909, "Episode #1.6" (2009)

Doubt is the basis of all scientific progress.

SUB-COMMANDER T'POL, Enterprise, "Chosen Realm" (2004)

When people try to progress, someone must suffer.

ANNETTE DEVEREAUX, Hotel de Paree, "The High Cost of Justice" (1959)

The arena...built by the Romans for their games; carnage and brutality. Now it's an opera house. I could almost believe in progress.

CHIEF INSPECTOR MORSE, Inspector Morse, "The Death of the Self" (1992)

The urge to make things better has always driven progress, and then that is what brings about happiness.

ULEN HIBIKI, Kidô senshi Gundam Seed (2002)

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