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Mr. Clinton says he's brought progress to Arkansas. Well, Dan Quayle, Jim Baker and I went on a fishing trip to Arkansas and ran into some of the locals. I won't go into details, but one of them did say that Dan "shore had a purty mouth".

GEORGE H.W. BUSH, Saturday Night Live, "Joe Pesci/Spin Doctors" (1992)

Progress? Let me tell you progress, boy. When the telegraph gets here, you and a lot of other folks are gonna be out of work. Progress! See what we've done to the Mexican, the Indian, how we're on the verge of a Civil War because of what we did to the African? In California, they're doin' the same to the Chinese. Is that progress? This rifle can kill people faster than any other. You call that progress? Come on, boy, can't you see where it's leadin'?

HEZEKIAH HORN, The Young Riders, "Requiem for a Hero" (1990)

I have great respect for scientific long as it is used for progress and not suppression.

ZORRO, Zorro, "The Wizard" (1990)

Nothing that results from human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. And those who are enlightened before the others, are condemned to pursue that light in spite of others.

YOUNG FERNANDO COLUMBUS, 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)

If people didn't try something new, there wouldn't be hardly any progress at all.

CATHERINE "CAT" BALLOU, Cat Ballou (1965)

We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all mankind.

JOHN F. KENNEDY, For All Mankind (1989)

Without struggle, there is no progress.

PROFESSOR MAURICE PHIPPS, Higher Learning (1995)

Progress has never been a bargain. You have to pay for it.

HENRY DRUMMOND, Inherit the Wind (1960)

Without progress life would be unbearable. Progress has taken the place of Heaven.

BORGIA GINZ, Jubilee (1978)

Progress always comes late.

ALFREDO, Nuovo cinema Paradiso (1988)

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