Religion Quotes
They say there's enough religion in the world to make men hate each other, but not enough to make them love.

LOUIS CYPHRE, Angel Heart (1987)

All religion's dangerous...if taken too far.

DAVID TYREL, Hex, "The Story Begins" (2004)

Your religion is the goofy fruit of the Ha Ha bush.

ANDY RICHTER, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, "Holy Sheep" (2002)

What makes a religion false? If any religion is right, then maybe they all have to be right. Maybe God doesn't care how you say your prayers, just as long as you say them.

COMMANDER JEFFREY SINCLAIR, Babylon 5, "Believers" (1994)

If the leaders of our religion cannot maintain their vows in the face of temptation... then perhaps it is time to question whether or not the whole system is flawed.

LORKAN #3, Crusade, "The Rules of the Game" (1999)

Convictions and beliefs...what do they have to do with religion?

TIM TAYLOR, Home Improvement (1991)

Religion is a symptom of irrational belief and groundless hope.

DR. GREGORY HOUSE, House M.D., "Don't Ever Change" (2008)

Can you imagine a world with no religion? No Muslims killing Jews, no Christians bombing abortion clinics. The world would be a wonderful place...

RICHARD DAWKINS, South Park, "Go God Go" (2006)

Religion...the opium of the masses.

ROS MYERS, Spooks, "Episode 5.8" (2006)

While I respect the Judeo-Christian ethic, as well as the eastern philosophies and of course the teachings of Mohammed, I find that organized religion has corrupted those beliefs to justify countless atrocities throughout history. Were I to attend church, I'd be a hypocrite.

STEPHEN HYDE, That 70's Show (1998)

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