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Every time you say, "Hey guys, can I ask you somethin", we're either gonna end up in some ridiculous, dead-end incredibly moronic conversation or you're gonna say somethin' so stupid that we're gonna spend the night unable to sleep because we're gonna end up thinking back to what you said and laughing our tired asses off.

KENNY SHEA/"LOU", "Tuesday" (2007)

All these years I've been talking about Janet, about how crazy she is and how illogical and nonsensical, and how she never ever is gonna be satisfied with everything...It turns out I was right. Yeah, but it's not just her. It's pretty much all women. That's what I...yeah, but the problem is, I was approaching it the wrong way, yeah. I was thinking about, you know, me and sex. By the way, the sex thing is the key... sex really has nothing to do with marriage. Tits, ass, sex... just throw that out the window. The key stuff is...listening. You gotta be able to listen and have long conversations that...that you remember. Um... hugging...hugging's a big one. Buying furniture. And what's the other one? Oh, spooning. Yeah.

TOMMY GAVIN, "Pussified" (2007)

Baseball and life, one and the same. Everybody says that life is too short. Bullshit. Life - unless you get cancer, hit by a bus, or set on fire - takes forever. Just like baseball. It's a series of long, mind-bogglingly boring stretches of time where absolutely nothing happens. So, you take a nap. Then, after a little while, when that crisp crack of the bat hitting the ball - so crisp you can almost smell the wood burning - jolts you awake and you open your eyes to see something so exciting and intricate and possibly very, very meaningful has just happened. But you missed it because you were just so...damn bored in the first place.

KENNY SHEA/"LOU", "Yaz" (2007)

Cancer is God's disease, it's His way of thinning out the herd. And it's cruel and mysterious. And no one's ever gonna figure it out, 'cause that's the way that God likes it.

FRANCO RIVERA, "Baptism" (2009)

People hear juicy gossip, they're gonna spread it around. This is a firehouse. You take away the rig, the gear and the testosterone, it's nothing but a...sorority in here.

CHIEF "NEEDLES" NELSON, "French" (2009)

You know how a lot of kids wanna be firemen when they get older? Well, I wanted to be a superhero. Even after I knew that they really didn't exist, I still wanted to be one because I wanted to fight the bad guys, you know?...What I'm tryin' to say is that I became a firefighter because of what the bad guys did on 9/11. And if you're tellin' me that there are other bad guys and that they're our leaders, our people, the people who are supposed to be watchin' out for everybody, that's too scary. I can't even think about that. I mean, I understand that there's evil in this world, but I just feel a lot better if it comes from some place that I don't call home.

MIKE SILLETTI, "Wine" (2009)

Do you know that feeling that you get when you just, like, so barely escape a car crash? You know, someone suddenly stops short or races in front of you at an intersection and you think to yourself for a second, like, right as you slam the brakes, like, "Oh. Oh! Okay, this might be it." You know? And all the air skips out of your lungs, and your heart feels like it's gonna explode with fright, and your skin sits up real tight on your bones, and there's this huge rush of breath and blood and... That shiver just shot, like, right through me, but not when the first building fell. It was during the second. I knew that Jimmy was gone during the second collapse. I stopped breathing. My eyes...I couldn't blink. My hands froze up like claws. And I thought to myself, "Oh, we're never going to finish the kitchen." You know, 'cause we were working on the kitchen, putting in new counters and cabinets and stuff. And as those first floors began to tumble down...I mean, like, I don't know, however long it took, like, eleven seconds, my whole life - my love, the way I wake up in the morning every day, the way I go to sleep every night - all of that just changed forever. Floor by floor, I just disappeared. When you lose that one person that you, you know, were meant to be with for the rest of your life so unexpectedly and so soon, I don't— It's like, you know, who can walk into your... Real love? It's just gone. Talk. Touch. Sex. And breakfast. It's funny, you know. I totally thought that I was going to just go fetal and curl up in a ball and...and cry. But I didn't. I made arrangements. I carried my husband's helmet to the funeral. I listened to the mayor and the chief and Tommy talk about my husband. I buried him. I held my son as he cried against my shoulder, and I tucked him in that way every night for months. And then I went fetal for five years. Among many other things, I...I completely zeroed in on Tommy because he was the closest thing that I could find on this entire earth to replace Jimmy. I cursed Tommy. I slept with Tommy. I blamed Tommy. I made Tommy breakfast. Tommy finished my kitchen. I know that Tommy is haunted by Jimmy's death, literally. And I...I think that sometimes Tommy wishes that Jimmy had lived, and that he had died in Jimmy's place. And so do I.

SHEILA KEEFE, "Sheila" (2009)

I got news for you, pal. You're already dead. And I am too. We're both walking dead men. We're zombies, Tom. Forget about 343. You add in all the other guys in all of the other houses, and all of the brain cells that we've killed, and all of the marriages that we've destroyed, all of the kids whose dads have that blank stare on their face for the past decade, and all of those zombies still riding around on their rigs for ten years, Tom...ten years, trying to fill in the holes inside them. 343? That number ain't even close. So, do what you got to do, Tom. Go downtown, bury yourself in that hole and make it official. Make it 344. Just for God sakes, just get it over with, Tom, so the rest of us can go back to leading our quiet little zombie lives.

KENNY SHEA/"LOU", "344" (2011)

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