School Quotes
School is just for white people looking for other white people to read to 'em. I figured I'd save my money and read to myself.

TARA THORNTON, True Blood, "Escape from Dragon House" (2008)

High school sucks for anyone who is the least bit different.

DR. GEORGE O'MALLEY, Grey's Anatomy, "Begin the Begin" (2006)

High school is a caste system. Kids fall into certain slots. Your jocks and your popular kids up in the penthouse. The invisibles and the kids playing live-action out in the forest, bottom floor.

SUE SYLVESTER, Glee, "Pilot" (2009)

Last week my mom asked how I like going to school. I told her not as much as I like coming home from it!

LUCAS SCOTT, One Tree Hill, "You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)" (2008)

When I was a freshman, I wasn't a very good person. I mean, sure I was popular and dating seniors, but as a person I was pretty lost. And over the last four years I've been forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define me and I started believing in myself and in my potential. And I ran for student council president and I designed a clothing line. And somewhere along the way the lost little party girl became the girl on the wall of honor. And I know what I did was wrong. I know. But the girl I was when I came to this school...I'm not sure she would have. And isn't that the point of high school? Isn't that what you guys have been trying to teach us for the last four years?

BROOKE DAVIS, One Tree Hill, "The Birth and Death of the Day" (2007)

I know people think I'm stupid, but I'm not dumb. I just let you and the other girls have your way because that's how you need it to be. But...pretty soon we're all going to graduate and I can start over. But it'll be harder for the people who need this place to make themselves feel special. People who use high school to build themselves up and then find out that the real world doesn't care so much about who you were in high school. People like you.

BEVIN MIRSKEY, One Tree Hill, "Pictures of You" (2007)

Seven hundred days...high school. Out of twenty or thirty thousand. Can't you see past that? It's only seven hundred days!

RACHEL GATTINA, One Tree Hill, "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" (2006)

In high school, knowledge was pretty much frowned upon; you really had to work to learn anything. But here, the energy, the collective intelligence, it's like this force, this penetrating force, and I can just feel my mind opening up, you know?

WILLOW ROSENBERG, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Freshman" (1999)

"Something weird is going on"...isn't that our school motto?

XANDER HARRIS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "I Only Have Eyes for You" (1998)

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