Science Quotes
If science is allowed to claim the power of creation, what is left for God?

CAMERLENGO PATRICK McKENNA, Angels & Demons (2009)

Science and religion are not enemies. There are simply some things that science is too young to understand, so the Church pleads "stop", "slow down", "think", "wait". And for this they call us backwards. But who is more ignorant, the man who cannot define lightning or the man who does not respect its natural awesome power?

CAMERLENGO PATRICK McKENNA, Angels & Demons (2009)

I'm a scientist, remember? I don't believe in fairy tales!

DR. GRACE AUGUSTINE, Avatar (2009)

For millennia, Earth's wisest creatures have stood in awe of the miracle of creation. But modern science has given the world the tools to challenge nature, to give life where none existed before. Such power is as intoxicating as it is perilous. The consequences of its misuse may way heavily upon us all.

GOLIATH, Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles, "Genesis Undone" (1996)

I don't have beliefs, I have science.

DR. VIRGINIA DIXON, Grey's Anatomy, "These Ties That Bind" (2008)

Science is a belief, belief in only what you can see and touch. I believe in more.

CLAY BEDONIE, Grey's Anatomy, "These Ties That Bind" (2008)

Science is not about human relationships, it's about results.

DR. SCHMIDT, House M.D., "Joy to the World" (2008)

Faith trumps science, once again.

DETECTIVE CAROLYN BAREK, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, "The Healer" (2006)

Science is the answer here. Every puzzle has a solution, every disease a cure. It's just a matter of finding it.

DR. JULIAN BASHIR, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Tacking Into the Wind" (1999)

The most elementary and valuable statement in science, the beginning of wisdom, is "I do not know".

LT. COMMANDER DATA, Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Where Silence Has Lease" (1988)

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