Self-Esteem Quotes
I have a brief announcement. You may recall last year I brought in my dysfunctional men's group. Well, unfortunately my low self-esteem group heard about it and now they think they're not good enough.

DR. FRASIER CRANE, Cheers, "Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist" (1992)

I like having low self-esteem, it makes me feel special.

JAKE MORGENDORFFER, Daria, "Esteemsters" (1997)

All women reach a point when the only thing lower than their self-esteem is their standards. And that, my friend, is Finchy time.

DENNIS FINCH, Just Shoot Me!, "Guess Who's Coming to Blush" (2002)

It's not about winning or losing, it's about destroying their self-esteem. It's fun!

NINA VAN HORN, Just Shoot Me!, "Softball" (1999)

The primary difference between a man and a woman is that a man gets his self-esteem when a woman says "yes" and a woman gets hers when she says "no".

AMY MANDELL, Amy's Orgasm (2001)

Most people live without self-esteem: humiliated at heart, stifled, and spat upon. They're alive and that's all they know. They know of no alternative. Even if they did, they would never reach out for it.

ANDREAS WINKELMAN, En passion (1969)

You are married. You have a daughter. You don't need self-esteem!

CATHERINE MACDUGGEN, First Wives Club (1996)

Do I smell the revolting stench of self-esteem?

MR. MARKS, The Producers (2005)

You were much more "muchier". You've lost your muchness.

MAD HATTER, Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Lost my muchness, have I?

ALICE, Alice in Wonderland (2010)

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