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I used to get so mad when people judged vampires just for being different. It's like they were judging me too. I told myself their fear was nothing but small-mindedness. But maybe that's what I wanted to believe. 'Cause the more open my mind gets, the more evil I see.

SOOKIE STACKHOUSE, "Scratches" (2009)

Most of us - vampire, human or otherwise - are capable of both good and evil. Often simultaneously.

BILL COMPTON, "Scratches" (2009)

Old don't make you smart.

STAN, "Never Let Me Go" (2009)

Feeling sorry for things is just an excuse not to celebrate your own happiness.

MARYANN FORRESTER, "Release Me" (2009)

God doesn't punish. God forgives.

SOOKIE STACKHOUSE, "I Will Rise Up" (2009)

A human with me at the end...and human tears. Two thousand years and I can still be surprised. In this, I see God.

GODRIC, "I Will Rise Up" (2009)

Humans are shockingly susceptible to just about every form of thought manipulation.

BILL COMPTON, "New World in My View" (2009)

The whole point in being a hero is to do something greater than yourself. It'd be easy to do it for the glory or the girls, but we're bigger men that that.

JASON STACKHOUSE, "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" (2009)

Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest in ways that bend the laws of physics or break them entirely.

SOPHIE-ANNE LECLERQ, "Frenzy" (2009)

Gods never actually show up, they only exist in humans' money and morality.

SOPHIE-ANNE LECLERQ, "Frenzy" (2009)

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