V Quotes (2009-present)
Embracing change is never easy, but the reward for doing so can be far greater than anything you can imagine.

ANNA, "Pilot" (2009)

Happiness, we've learned, comes from tranquility and peace.

ANNA, "Pilot" (2009)

Compromising one's principles for the greater good is not a shameful act, it's a noble one.

MARCUS, "Pilot" (2009)

Rattlesnakes are God's creatures, too. Doesn't mean they're good for us.

JACK LANDRY, "Pilot" (2009)

Wow. Space girls are funny!

TYLER EVANS, "There is No Normal Anymore" (2009)

The more predictable we are, the more vulnerable we are.

ERICA EVANS, "It's Only the Beginning" (2009)

Sometimes you have to lie to people to protect them.

ERICA EVANS, "John May" (2010)

If we've learned anything, it's that emotion is weakness. Love is the greatest flaw of humans and our best tool to break them.

ANNA, "John May" (2010)

Let them have this one victory because I am about to deliver them a thousand defeats.

ANNA, "John May" (2010)

That guy is a lousy shot...no wonder why the V's are winning!

KYLE HOBBES, "We Can't Win" (2010)

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