Weddings Quotes
You know, weddings are the happiest events I could possibly dream of and yet somehow when they're over, it's always so sad.

RITA BILLINGSLEY, A Wedding (1978)

Tears aren't lucky at weddings.

AUNT JOSEPHINE BARRY, Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (1987)

Weddings aren't planned a few months ahead, weddings are planned from the time the girl's about six.

HAL HENDERSON, Lovers and Other Strangers (1970)

As my old pappy used to say, "Son, stay clear of weddings because one of them is liable to be your own."

BRET MAVERICK, Maverick (1957)

That's what weddings are for, I suppose, to support the tissue industry.

ALICE GRAYSON HORTON, Days of Our Lives (1965)

Weddings are a blood, sweat and tears marathon.

FRANK ROSETTI, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Rashomama" (2006)

I'm going to other people's weddings, I'm getting more and more single. If one more friend gets married, I'll be a lesbian!

SALLY HARPER, Coupling, "Gotcha" (2001)

Did you hear the one about the girl who married a TV aerial? The wedding was rubbish but the reception was great!

RICHARD "FAGIN" HEPPLEWHITE, High Hopes, "A Touch of Class" (2005)

You are going to commit to that one special woman forever, which is beautiful. But if your commitment the day after the wedding is the same as your commitment the day before, then the wedding meant nothing. So, and I can see no logical way around this, if you want your marriage to matter, you have to be a wanton, trolling, muck-covered pig the day before.

DR. GREGORY HOUSE, House M.D., "House Divided" (2009)

At 33, you're still happy being a sexy single woman. At 34, you've got a wedding dress in your trunk just in case.

ALEX GARRETT, Joey (2004)

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