Yesterday Quotes
I'm not as young as I was yesterday.

SHERIFF, Bat Masterson, "Six Feet of Gold" (1960)

Under the certainty of heaven, all that we can be sure of is tomorrow. When yesterday is already ours, what more can we ask?

BROTHER CADFAEL, Cadfael, "Monk's Hood" (1994)

Seems like just yesterday you were my little girl on the tricycle. Now you're gonna be a young woman in a car, running over a little girl on the tricycle.

GEORGE LOPEZ, George Lopez (2002)

Sometimes you want to puke in a toilet called yesterday.

DENNIS FINCH, Just Shoot Me, "A Spy in the House of Me" (1999)

Yesterday's gone, we can't get it back.

GUS McCRAE, Lonesome Dove (1989)

Yesterday is another country. Borders are now closed.

TEDDY BUTLER, Midsomer Murders, "Vixen's Run" (2006)

Look to this day, for yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is but a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

TEMPLETON "FACEMAN" PECK, The A-Team, "Family Reunion" (1986)

What seemed like unthinkable undertakings yesterday are history today.

REPORTER, Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

A man of worth never gets up to unsay what he said yesterday.

DONNER, Drawing Flies (1996)

You can't stop today as it comes speeding down the track. Child, yesterday is history, and it's never coming back. 'Cause tomorrow is a brand new day, and it don't know white from black.


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